Tree Fort Films & Awards by Sirtony







 Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Savage has to overcome many temptations and risks his life to complete his films with his Ethics and Integrity in tact...this film teaches us personal Integrity is all that really matters in the end...





Award Winning Actor...and Award Winning Filmmaker

Michael Savage
plays Matt Devlin...
a detective that finds himself
caught in a find the Killers
who murdered his daughter Elyse Devlin...
he goes undercover when he finds out
the Police department (where he works) is covering
up the truth...and not only does he risk his
life as an Actor in a film ...but as the Filmmaker
who is now in danger from the











is a short Film Series I developed in the workshop and it has Won 5 Film Awards...
 The Brown Paper Pete Film Festival

Join us in congratulating our

Audience Choice Winner:

Michael Savage aka Sirtony

Thanks to everyone who attended the festival, it was a lot of fun!
The voting for audience choice was extremely close with first and last place being decided by just a few votes.  But one film pulled ahead and Won...!!!

Congrats Michael!
I hope to see  you all at the Chicago International Film Festival where
THE RIVER OF LIFE III will be in contention for another Short Film Award...


Thank you Mr. Bochco for 4 Awards for THE RIVER OF LIFE your Cafe Confidential  Awards  Festival...