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Michael Savage aka Sirtony

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What is it like working with Sirtony? is a testimonial from an Actor who has recently worked with Michael aka Sirtony and footgae from his new feature Talking To Strangers...  

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John Houseman and Margot Harley

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All Michael Savage really wanted to do was play baseball. As a young boy growing up near Yankee Stadium, he knew about the possibilities of becoming a champion in life no matter where you were born. But he would become a classical Actor...imagine from the South becoming a member of the TONY AWARD HONOREE THE ACTING COMPANY (founded by Margot Harley and John Houseman.) He told me..."life has a way of pitching a curve every now and then and so you go with the pitch to stay in the game..." Born, Ronald Barry Jacobson...he changed his name to Michael Savage after becoming a professional Actor. At the age of nine his father Max Jacobson a former well known Vaudeville dancer and WWII Veteran (who fought on OMAHA BEACH and the BATTLE of the BULGE) moved his family to Spring Valley in the suburbs of upstate New York. Known as Ron Jacobson as a teenager he was a good football, basketball and baseball player where he learned the skills of being a team player...he studied music and learned to play three instruments (guitar, piano, drums) used his singing voice in state choir and became a composer. He also served as the President of the KEY CLUB (a student-community organization associated with KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL) while at Spring Valley High School.

Where he developed his volunteer skills in the community to help those who can't help themselves. Mr. Savage’s passion for humanity continues to grow through his generous spirit and dedication to the arts as well as those lives he has touched through efforts with organizations such as UNICEF, World Vision, American Red Cross, Los Angeles Mission, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Disabled American Veterans, Feed The Children, Chabad House and The Jerry Lewis Telethon. Before THE ACTING COMPANY, Michael went to SUNY PURCHASE where he graduated at the top of his class and received a B.F.A. in Theater Arts. During his years as a working actor in New York he appeared in numerous Off-Broadway and regional productions including the New York Shakespeare Festival where he worked with director Joseph Papp and performed with Meryl Streep and William Hurt.

Michael has also been a star of television’s popular soap opera General Hospital as well as having performed a variety roles on TV including Dallas, Rituals and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

Mr. Savage is an Award-Winning actor having been awarded a grant of Excellence from the Ann Mary Kelly Foundation for the Performing Arts for his work as Tye McCool in the west coast premiere of Tennessee Williams’ Vieux Carre at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

Now...Mr. Savage has created his Own acting company THE ACTORS FILM  COMPANY from his well known and highly respected Award Winning Acting Workshop The Total Workshop For Acting in Los Angeles ...where he has developed his Award Winning Film Company TREE FORT PRODUCTIONS LLC...Michael has chosen to use the user name Sirtony because of his affiliation as an Alumni Member of The TONY AWARD Honoree The Acting Company created by John Houseman and Margot Harley...

This is a new Chapter in my life's work...I am a Filmmaker and I am developing new Educational Training techniques with technology to help free up actors and any one who must learn lines...I have completed the research and development and I am currently putting together the final sample be produced and sold on line to increase the abilities of anyone who needs to learn lines in scripts to Politicians who need to learn a important speech...including sales personal who need to sound more personal on the phone... A historical footnote...When I first came to LA...I met a guy trying to sell custom made in your ear monitors...that you would hear yourself as you sang or spoke from a small receiver...this was a great invention...I introduced it to Stevie Wonder ...personally molded his Ears...Joni Mitchell...and Art Garfunkel....and so when Stevie Wonder went to Congress to encourage a vote for a MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. National was the in your Ear monitor that was used to feed Stevie Wonder his speech...since he was blind it was impossible for him to read a speech from paper and not enough time for him to have braille knowing that I introduced that technology and sold it and now I see EVERY Musician using it ...I see at the time it was just too cutting it's like a cell phone... I have seen my ability to introduce and illuminate a solution...that is what I do ...I see a problem I get involved and become a part of the solution…that is why I have created Tree Fort Productions LLC …my Passion and Focus since I was a boy and built a Tree Fort…was to succeed by helping others with my work:) As a Filmmaker I know I will be able to focus a world on issues they need to address. Take a moment and watch my AWARD Winning Short 'a Story Of Hope'...go to Enjoy...